Monday, September 20, 2010

The Latest - LiveCycle ES2 SP1 Patch and its Installation

LiveCycle ES1 (Updated till Sp3), has enhanced its capabilities further with the introduction of the LiveCycle ES2 SP1 by overcoming some of the fixes that existed in the prior versions.
The LiveCycle ES2 SP1 is available here.
There would be three separate downloads that are usually required to install the fixes over the existing build. These tree separate downloads include the fixes to the server components, to the workbench IDE, to the form Designer.

Hence, when you apply all your components and the platform would be updated to a newer version which you can observe in the about page of the LiveCycle adminui. The Version should be updated to
- While running the patches, one has to be sure that one runs the LCM to build the Ear Files.
Steps for different environments: 
Windows OS, Weblogic/Websphere Standalones: 
- use LCM to build new EAR files
- undeploy the current EAR files
- deploy the newly-built EAR files
- deploy LiveCycle solution components (DSCs)
You might run into lot of snags with issues such as the Failure in deployments of the Ears on the App Server from the LCM. You can install the freshly created Ears (from the Export Directory) manually into the App Servers also.
On Clusters, there might be further issues related to failover mechanisms not working or depending upon the OS in use (Sun Solaris/RHEL/AIX5.3) there can be further issues that can be faced. 
If any of the viewers of this blog are facing any issues related to this issue, feel free to post in your views.


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