Thursday, September 16, 2010

LiveCycle Workflow Orchestrations: Realizing Complex Business Logic

All Major organizations have a service Layer that realizes the business logic of their business processes. These Business Processes are nothing but workflow patterns that provide a end to end interface capabilities to not only Legacy systems but also different environments and across different domains. There is a Flex UI layer designed for greater User Experience that can have real time interaction capabilities with the SOA Layer. 

The Various Components of LiveCycle have the capabilities to be re-used across different processes for implementing the orchestration workflows. These Orhcestrations (processes) can be re-used as a Sub Process further in another Processes and can be together used as a Service which can be invoked using either of the endpoints depending upon the logic that needs to be implemented.
LiveCycle ES Provides the below Endpoints and recently released ES2 provides an additional REST Endpoint.
TaskManager, WatchedFolder, EJB, SOAP, Remoting, (REST) with ES2.

Next Post: Clarity on the endpoints LC ES/ES2 and utilizing the LC Components.


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