Sunday, September 26, 2010

Problem while running Oracle 9i/ (XDB) Jboss/Tomcat on the same port 8080

I Just faced this issue while running the JBoss and Oracle 9i XDB on 8080 port.
Jboss fails to start as the Oracle XDB is running on 8080.

one way to override this Configuration is by changing the configuration of the listener of Oracle. one can remove the xdb http configuration from the listener and restart the lsnrctl (listener). But this would stop the working of XDB.

One can first verify by running the Select Dual Query in the DB using the Sys User (DBA Previledge) for finding the current Httpport in use.

Also, one can run the PL/SQL command below by logging in as a Sys User in the DB.

- Sys/Password @ DBName as sysdba

$> begin

This would reset the HttpPort that is being used by the XDB.
Shutdown immediate;

Restart of the DB would take the changes.

Then you can restart the JBoss to take the changes and run both Oracle XDB as well as Jboss instance.


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