Monday, September 20, 2010

Endpoints of LC ES/ES2 and utilizing the LC Components.

As discussed, in my prior post, LiveCycle ES/ES2 have a varied list of endpoints for invocations.
These Invocations can be made a possibility from any layers preferably from Flex UIs.
The Various Endpoints exposed to the outside layer from LC includes
1. EJB. (for Java API)
2. TaskManagers
3. EMail Endpoints.
4. WatchedFolders
6. Workspace
7. REST (Added with the recent release of LiveCycle ES2) (

Each of these end points follow separate methods for invocations and for different needs.
These endpoints when exposed are used primarily for handling all the process invocation standards and configurations.
These Endpoints can be used further along with the Service Configurations to Manage and utilize the LC Components in the process workflows.


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